The 10 best short moral stories for kids

The 10 best short moral stories for kids

1 . The wolf and the lamb
2 . The real wealth
3 . The naughty monkey
4 . The two FROGS.
5 . The Four Trees
6 . Thirsty Crow
7 . The Mouse Ghost
8 . The Horse and the Snail



1 . The wolf and the lamb

The wolf and the lamb

One day, A lamb was eating sweet grass | away from her flock of sheep. She didn’t | notice a wolf walking nearer to her.

When I she saw the wolf, she started pleading, I “Please, don’t eat me. My stomach is full | of grass.

You can wait a while to make my | meat taste much better. The grass in my I stomach will be digested quickly if you let I me dance.” The wolf agreed.

I While the lamb was dancing, she had a I new idea. She said, “I can dance faster if I you take my bell and ring it so hard.”

I The wolf took the bell and started to ring I so hard. The shepherd heard the sound I and ran quickly to save the lamb’s life.

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2  .The real wealth

The real wealth

One day, a rich man decided to take his son on I a trip to the country.

The wealthy man wanted to Ishow his son how the poor people live so he could I be thankful for his wealth.

I They spent two days on a farm of a very poor family. On their way home,the rich man asked his son,

“How was our trip with this poor family and what

did you learn ?”

The son answered, “I saw that we have servants to serve us, but they serve others. We have one dog and they have four.

The we have imported lanterns in our gardens and they have stars at night. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have a big pool in our garden, but they a creek that has no end.

I We have large walls to protect us and they have I friends to protect them “Finally, the son added, “Thanks dad for showing me how poor we are.”


3 .The naughty monkey

The naughty monkey


It was a quiet afternoon in the jungle. It was hot and everyone was either resting or sleeping except the parrot and the naughty monkey.

The mouse slept on a mat. The owl dozed on a branch. The parrot was painting a picture. The naughty monkey was swinging from branch to branch.

Suddenly, there was a big squeal. The owl nearly fell off the branch.

The parrot’s painting got spoilt. All this happened because the naughty monkey, had rolled up the mouse inside the mat and sat on it.

The squealed. All the animals started scolding the naughty monkey.


4 . The two FROGS.

The two FROGS


Once two frogs played near a pot of cream. They decided to look into the pot and fell into it. They couldn’t get out of the pot.

So they and round in the cream. swam round One of them is afraid and said:

Oh, this is the end of my life!”

It stopped swimming and sank.

But the second frog is brave and clever. He swam and swam and beat the cream with its little feet. The cream became a ball of butter.

The frog jumped on the ball of butter and got out of the pot!!!


5 . The Four Trees

The Four Trees moral story


Once apon a time in a land not too far away, four trees started to grow on top of a small
Three of the trees are very selfish, arrogant and proud trees always boasting how big and tall they will become, teasing each other how they will live forever.

The fourth tree is all happy and content, just to be a tree.

As time passes the three proud and selfish trees spend all their days growing as tall and impressive as they can, boasting each and everyday how wonderful they will be

The fourth tree listens but is all happy and content, just to be a tree.

Many years pass and the three trees all…

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6 . Thirsty Crow


Thirsty Crow moral story

There was a crow which was very thirsty. He searched for water every where.

At last he saw a water pot near a well.

He looked inside the pot. There was very little water in the pot.

The crow saw some stones nearby. thought of a plan. He picked up some stones.

He put them one by one into the pot. The water level in the pot came up.

The crow drank the water and flew away happily.

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7 . The Mouse Ghost


The Mouse Ghost moral story


In a jungle, there lived a little mouse, Squeaky. He was so tiny that he was always afraid of the other big animals.

That night, he found a cloth lying near his house. He thought for a while and soon he realized that it was a pillow cover humans use.

“I can have some fun with this,” laughed the mouse.

Squeaky drew two eyes and lips with that pen. It was made in such a way that it was appearing to be a ghost.

As night was approaching, all the big animals started to go back to their houses. As rabbit passed by, he saw a shadow of the ghost.

He ran away at once. Soon, the deer came across the same path and cried in fear.

The mouse was really enjoying this. Even the king of the jungle was now afraid of him.

One day, there was a huge thunderstorm. The animals had no choice but to cross that scary path. All the trees had fallen and because of that the rest of the paths were blocked.

Soon, rabbit crossed that path and he saw the ghost. The rabbit jumped out of fear. But, to his surprise, the white cloth flew away and inside it, there was Squeaky.

Soon, all the animals gathered there and drove the mouse away. He could never return to the jungle.

8 . The Horse and the Snail


 The Horse and the Snail moral story

There lived a horse in a big jungle. He was very proud of himself.

He saw a snail. Seeing how slowly the snail moved, the horse started teasing him.

“Hey snail! Shall we have a race?” the horse asked.

The snail was very angry with the horse. “Okay! Let’s do it! We will race on Sunday,” said the snail.

The snail went home and called all the snails to discuss about this issue.

He told everyone about the race. They made a plan to outsmart the horse. Since all the snails looked alike, they decided to confuse the snail with their intelligence.

When Sunday came, they left home very early. They started hiding in places in little distance from each other all the way from the starting point to the finishing line.

The race started. The horse ran a little and then looked down. He saw the snail ahead of him. The horse increased his pace but the snail was still ahead.

The horse started running harder and faster. The hors However hard the horse tried, the snail was still ahead of him.

The poor horse finally gave up after trying really hard. “Okay! I lose!” said the humble horse. The snail laughed out loudly.


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