A poor girl English story for kids

A poor girl

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A poor girl story


this is a story of a poor girl who saves the life of her father.

friends we hope you will like this hard touching story so friends let’s see what this physically disabled poor girl will do to save the life of her alcoholic father in a village named dalwich there lived a man named gary he had a family of three including his wife and his physically disabled daughter gary was a raging alcoholic and used to lie down being drunk all day and his wife used to work as a maid servant in different houses one day gary asked his wife for money to buy alcohol shelly hey charlie give me the money i don’t have a single penny i have to buy food supplies for our home where to arrange money for you hearing this gary lost his temper and started beating his wife to save her mother gary’s physically disabled 12 year old daughter tried to intervene but being drunk gary started beating

her up too and after that she lost her consciousness and fell on the floor pearl pearl please wake up what happened to you [Music] shelly sprinkles water on her face and then pearl started regaining consciousness pearl are you okay did it hurt too much why did you try to intervene mom why dad drink so much dear after consuming alcohol on daily basis now he is not onlyg addicted to alcohol but he depends on it please get up dear pearl i am getting late for work poor shelley left for work days passed by like this one day she fell ill after working hard all day long she used to get beaten up by her husband every evening being treated like this shelley’s condition got worse and one day she died and gary cremated his wife one day while sitting back at home gary was thinking shelley is no more now how will i arrange money for alcohol after thinking about this for a while gary sent his physically disabled daughter to beg on the roads pearl used to beg all day on the roadside uncle please help me give me some money i haven’t ate anything i’m hungry please uncle help me pearl kept begging like this every day and used to give all the money to her father years passed by like this now pearl is 20 years old and she works as a maid servant just like her mother did and gary being a raging alcoholic sometimes fall and lies besides the road one day when pearl was returning back from work she saw gary lying besides the road and he was spitting out blood from his mouth pearl said wake up dad please wake up what happened to you despite of several tries from pearl gary did not wake up seeing this some people came running to help them hey what’s happened to him and who is he uncle he’s my father i don’t know what happened to him can you please help me to take him to the hospital with the help of some people pearl took her father to the hospital doctors started his treatment and then pearl asked the doctor doctor what happened to my father he will recover right due to overconsumption of alcohol your father’s liver is in a bad condition we need to operate him as soon as possible okay doctor but how much it will cost minimum two lakh rupees okay doctor start preparing for the operation i will arrange the money poor pearl kept thinking how she is going to arrange this huge amount immersed in all these thoughts pearl comes to her mistress and tells her what all has happened i can’t give you this huge amount of money who knows if you run away with this huge amount someday no no no i can’t help you in this no ma’am i will return your every single penny please give me the money and help me out despite of several requests from pearl her mistress didn’t help her and told her to leave her house helpless crying pearl stood besides a road when suddenly a big car stopped in front of her and the car owner called her waving his hand then pearl walks up to the man and he said hey girl wanna come with me where i have to go sir pearl was so naive that she didn’t knew where the man was asking her to come and the man also didn’t knew that pearl was not that kind of girl so he said her stop acting so naive and tell me how much money do you want pearl immediately responded 2 lakhs what 2 lakhs are you crazy or what sir please give me 2 lakh rupees i will do whatever you say my father is not well please save his life okay okay i will give you the money but you have to make me and my acquaintance happy whenever and however we want to save her father’s life pearl sold herself she sold her dignity her body after being well gary came back home and after one month he came home with an alcohol bottle pearl snatched that alcohol water from her father’s hand stupid girl leave the bottle or otherwise i’ll beat you up dad you can kill me but then also i won’t let you drink i stayed in the hospital for few days so you thought i got weak wait let me show you gary pushed pearl and she fell on the floor and then he started beating her with his belt when suddenly the man enters into their house and took the belt away hey man why are you beating her who are you to ask me that you drunker i will beat you to death listen carefully i bought this girl with 2 lakh rupees when you were in hospital i gave her 2 lakh rupees i understand today i need her let’s go goober hearing this from the man gary got really upset and could not match his eyes with his physically disabled daughter the man started dragging pearl across the room when gary beats him up with his belt and makes him leave the house forgive me pile you saved my life you sold yourself this was wrong but all these happened because of me forgive me gary started crying folding his hands in front of his daughter then pearl said don’t cry dad everything will be fine but you have to promise me you won’t drink alcohol again well i promise you from today i will never ever drink alcohol again after that day gary never ever drank alcohol again and he overcame his addiction and started working after a few years pearl got married and she lived happily with her husband on the other hand gary also lived a happy life working so friends what did we learn from this story under the influence of any addiction we do wrong things for which we unknowingly put our families and loved ones through unbearable situations a farmer named ray lived in a village called rome his wife’s name was rachel and they had a daughter named sarah sarah was very intelligent she was in school ray used to work in the fields every day rachel also used to help him with the work this was a big help for ray one day rey was not feeling well then rachel said to rey you should take some rest if you are not feeling well rachel i am thinking of resting at house today yes you take rest i will check the farm ok ok rachel but come back soon okay now rachel goes to the farm for work she starts working in the farm it gets dawn while working and she does not even realize it when she leaves for home in the evening it gets very late she starts walking very fast suddenly on the way it starts raining because of the rain rachel gets under the shed of a tree she drenches in the heavy rain the rain does not stop even after a while so rachel starts for the home suddenly while walking something bites her on her foot she gets no time to see what has bitten her she reaches home in hurry and changes her clothes and starts preparing the meal then sarah comes to her and says mom what happened to your feet see it has swollen so much yes while rushing from the farm some insect must have bitten me it will be fine by tomorrow let us go and eat rachel gets the food and they all start eating ray says to rachel rachel try to come early from farm see you got drenched in the rain yes i will come early from tomorrow they all finish their meal and go to sleep when rachel wakes up the next morning she sees that her foot is swollen badly now and she was unable to stand she could not understand what is happening when she does not wake up rey goes to check on her she was awake and laying on her bed seeing this ray says to rachel rachel the sun has risen don’t you want to wake up i am unable to move my foot what should i do i woke up a while ago but i’m unable to stand hey don’t worry you rest for a while it will be fine my foot is hurting badly from the inside i am not able to understand anything .

i will finish my work and take you to the doctor okay yes finish your work and come back fast yes sana will stay with you i’ll be back soon okay saying this ray leaves for the work when ray returns home from the work he sees that rachel have high fever seeing this ray rashes to get the doctor rey says to the doctor doctor my wife rafael have a very high fever and yesterday something bit her on the foot she have swelling because of that please come fast doctor i am getting worried okay let’s go i’ll come i can tell you what have happened to her only after seeing her okay doctor please come fast let’s go ray saying this doctor starts walking with rey soon they get to rey’s house rachel was shivering with fever at home doctor gets worried after seeing her high fever he checks her food that was bitten by the poisonous insect and says ray this happened to rachel yesterday right yes doctor something bit her just yesterday some .

poisonous insect has bitten her the poison has spread in her whole body i will write some medicine give them to her on time okay i’ll check if there is any improvement in her again in the evening okay doctor i have to give her the medicine after food correct and remember don’t let her stand or she will feel more pain okay doctor doctor leaves from there after saying this rey gives medicine to rachel after her meal .

seeing all this rachel says to rey you have to go through all this because of me i don’t think i will be able to live for long rachel don’t say like this do you realize what are you saying how will i live without you tell me and what will happen to our beloved daughter i feel like i will live only for a few days now so you should marry again once i’m gone my daughter should get mother’s love rachel why are you saying all this nothing will happen to you let me rest now saying this rachel closes her eyes and goes to sleep rey goes to finish his work but when rachel does not wake up till evening rey goes to wake her up rachel’s body was cold so rey tries to wake her up he realizes that rachel has fainted he goes back to the doctor and gets him to the house after .

checking rachel doctor says ray rachel is no more no doctor how is this possible she was fine just now ring brace yourself what i am telling you is the truth the poison had infected her body that is why i could not save her saying this the doctor leaves from there rey’s whole life was upside down after doing the final rituals he starts .

spending time with his daughter at home rey was very upset nowadays but he agrees to marry again for the sake of his daughter rey marries samantha after some days rey says to samantha samantha you have to take good care of sarah just like my ex-wife you don’t worry about it i will take care of sarah just like she is my own .

daughter saying this samantha goes to sleep sarah gets tears in her eyes she eats cold food and falls asleep there when rey returns in the evening he goes to see sarah he sees that sarah was upset he wakes her up and asks her sarah why are you sleeping here what happened to you everything is fine right yes father i’m fine .

nothing has happened to me why your face looks upset tell me father my first mother was so good if i didn’t like the food then she used to prepare something else for me but the new mother does not do that saying this she gets up and rey says my child don’t you like your new mother yes i like her but she does not behave properly with me .

my first mother used to scold me whenever i got late but the second mother says that she will not feed me if i don’t get home on time and she does the same she is not good at all i have to do all the chores at home you are doing all the course at home yes father but don’t tell her that i told you about it she will punish me okay sarah i’m going you go and play yes father saying this rey leaves from there ram goes to samantha’s room .

samantha was resting in the room ray says to samantha i told you you have to take care of sarah still you behaving like this with her who told you that i behave badly with her no one have to tell me anything i can see you.

understand behave properly with her i behave properly with her you must have misunderstood something i am not misunderstanding anything you are misunderstanding it you will behave well with her from today.

understood okay saying this samantha stays quiet and things in her mind i will get back on this i will give you nice lesson just see saying this she starts working she used to make sarah do a lot of work now she used to punish her if she makes any mistake one day samantha was working in the kitchen suddenly the pan with hot oil slips from her hands.

samantha looks at sarah and sees that there is oil on her foot and she was crying there were boils on her foot samantha says to sarah hey why are you crying so much it is just a little oil don’t over act mother it hurts my foot is on fire go and put some water on it got it sarah leaves there limping but samantha was very happy sarah was in pain because of her now sarah starts crying because of her food and sleeps on the floor her father returned in the evening and see the boils in sarah’s foot he wakes up sarah and dear sarah what happened to your foot nothing father i made a mistake mother have nothing to do with it ray thinks to himself samantha must have done this that is why sarah is not saying anything in fear i have to do something if this continues then her life can be in danger he thinks of something and calls samantha sarah looks at rey in shock rey says samantha come fast you called me what happened what happened to her foot you stay at home and you don’t know it samantha gets very scared now and thinks to herself did sarah said anything otherwise i’m dead today i have to tell the truth uh a pan full of hot oil slipped from my hand and sarah was there it fell on her foot i did not do anything intentionally it was a mistake are you telling the truth if it turned out to be a lie then i’ll send you back to your house got it now samantha gets very scared and she realizes how wrong she was samantha says i was blind i hurt my own daughter i will not do anything like this again believe me this is your last chance.

mantha if anything happens next time i will not forgive you my daughter’s happiness is everything for me please forgive me for my bad behavior sarah comes to her and says please don’t apologize you are my mother .

my dear mother samantha gets emotional hearing all this she hugs sarah and rey gets very happy seeing all this now all three of them live happily together the lesson we learnt from this story is that we should always do good deeds in life we should never do bad deeds we should not behave badly with anyone.

#A poor girl English story for kids

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