the golden goose story

the golden goose story

the golden goose story
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Sometime in the distant past there lived three siblings. Their occupation was to cut wood. The most youthful was called Simpleton.

One day when Simpleton went into the backwoods, he met a midget. The diminutive person was extremely eager.

He had requested food from Simpleton’s siblings yet both the siblings had denied the smaller person.

the golden goose story

Blockhead was benevolent and he gave the bantam some food. The diminutive person was extremely grateful, so he confessed to Simpleton confidential.

“I will let you know confidential. Go to the huge tree close to the stream and hack it into equal parts. Inside, you will find something that will make you rich.”

Dolt got in line. At the point when he hacked down the old tree, inside it was a goose with brilliant plumes! Dolt would have rather not return home to his cruel siblings, so he proceeded to remain at a rest house. He paid the rest house proprietor with a brilliant quill.

The rest house proprietor had three girls. They saw the secret weapon and every one of the three concluded they would take the goose when Simpleton nodded off.

Around evening time, individually the three girls came to take the goose yet something amusing occurred. At the point when they contacted the goose, they stalled out to it!

At the point when Simpleton woke up, he took the goose and went coming. He didn’t appear to see the three little girls adhered to the goose.

The three little girls went falling behind any place the goose and Simpleton


Here is a short visual depiction of this short story “The Golden Goose“. See the video story below

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