Best Moral story for kids

Best Moral story for kids

1 .The Lion and the Mouse

A lion was once resting in the wilderness when a mouse fired running here and there his body for no reason in particular.

This upset the lion’s rest, and he woke up very furious. He was going to eat the mouse when the mouse frantically mentioned the lion to liberate him.

The lion and the mouse

“I guarantee you, I will be of incredible assistance to you sometime if you save me.” The lion giggled at the mouse’s certainty and released him.

At some point, a couple of trackers came into the woodland and took the lion with them.

They tied him facing a tree. The lion was attempting to kick out and off to cry. Before long, the mouse strolled past and saw the lion in a difficult situation.

Rapidly, he ran and chewed on the ropes to liberate the lion. The two of them dashed off into the wilderness.

The lion and the mouse video story

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2 .Baby Camel and His Mother

Baby Camel and His Mother moral story

Once upon a time, there lived a baby camel with her mother. One fine day as they were lying on the ground, the baby camel was deep in her thoughts.

When mother camel asked what was wrong with her, baby camel did not answer her.

The next day, when baby camel could not resist anymore, she asked, “Why do the camels have humps?”

The mother smiled and said, “Well, as we are desert animals, the humps help us to store the water for many days and because of this, we can survive without water”.

The baby camel asked, “Why do camels have long legs and rounded feet?” To this, the mother said, “These are meant for walking in the hot desert.

These long legs and rounded feet help the camels to walk in the desert better than anyone does!” fet?” To this, The curious baby camel again asked, “Mother, why do we have long eyelashes? Sometimes it bothers my sight”.

Mother camel with pride replied, “My dear child, these long thick eyelashes are your protective cover. They help us to protect the eyes from the desert sand and wind”.

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