The Jungle book kids story

The Jungle book kids story

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The wilderness Book storie for youngsters


The Jungle book story for kids

Ammar and Awais


what are you perusing?


I’m perusing THE JUNGLE BOOK. It an anecdote about a little fellow who fill in the wilderness


with his perents?


no he doesn’t have any guardians, he gròows up with the creatures


what are creature are in the book


that is a more tight a gathering of monkeys a bird, a jaguar a snakes


ugh! I disdain snakes


Truly? I don’t I thinks snakes are delightful


I like creatures story


i do as well. the plot of the book is very intriguing


what occurs?


Mowgli, the principle character, escapes from the town individuals, monkey individuals, then, at that point, in the end he gets away from foamed town individuals

Presently we Read the presentation to to the wilderness book

Protected in their cavern with their wolf fledglings father and mother wolf compared to TAYYAB KHAN, the tiger, not far away ~ TAYYAB KHAN has a bed leg, so he can just kill cows,~ said mother wolf TAYYAB KHAN is hunting individuals, not creatures this evening, said father wolf, but rather the low of the on the grounds that man killing carries men with weapons then,

at that point, then, at that point, everyone in the wilderness is at serious risk, Suddenly, they heard a commotion much closer to them. ‘it is a man .

a man offspring look! Said father wolf and there toward the front of them stood a child who calf simply walk he gazed toward father wolf a giggled Is that a man fledgling? Asked mother wolf I have never seen one.

The Jungle book song

Bring it here, the child little and without any materials pushed its direction between the offspring to get close to mother wolf look she said he is taking his supper with the others.

I have heard that this has occurred before Said father, wolf however I have never seen it as of recently.

Check out him. He isn’t apprehensive

Unexpectedly, it was dim and TAYYAB KHAN the tiger was pushing his incredible head in through the mouth of khan, its dad and mom have fled give it to me,

The man offspring has a place with us said father wolf , the pack  the different wolves an I will choose , assuming we need to kill him , not you ,presently disappear go TAYYAB KHAN went , he realized that he was unable to battle mother wolf in the cavern , however I will have this man whelp one day you criminals ,

he yelled back from the wilderness

Do you truly need to keep him mother? Said father Wolf

Keep him ? said mother wolf yes he came here around evening time , alone and embrace , yet he was not apprehensive indeed,

I will keep him and call him Mowgli

Since he resembles a frog

Mowlilearnt to address two/there of wilderness individuals

Baloo you old earthy colored bear, sweetheart showing MOwgli , he tought him how to spwak to the diffrent wilderness individuals and the importent ace words

say the words for the hunting individuals said Baloo we are of one blood you and I said Mowgli great now just plain silly,

presently for the snake individuals said baloo Mogli then, at that point, made the sssssssssssss sound

great said Baloo delicately

one day you will says thanks to me for my illustrations . presently you will be protected in the wilderness beacouse no snake no birds no creatures will hurt you,

you don’t should be adraid of anybody


for what reason did you never enlighten me concerning the Bandar log the monkey individuals ,?

they play the entire day and doesn’t leasson , I need to play with them once more

listen man offspring said,

Baloo indignantly, the monkey individuals have no  law . their methodologies are not or ways ,

they are loud grimy , and they feel that thay are an extraordinary group , however at that point they fail to remember everything,

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